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Vernor Vinge has a name for them: localizers

[OT from cottage renovations]

Downstream from the Supply Chain is: the Removal Chain, visualized here by MIT

But even more interesting was this teaser: "TrashTrack uses hundreds of small, smart, location aware tags: a first step towards the deployment of smart-dust - networks of tiny locatable and addressable microeletromechanical systems.  These tags are attached to different types of trash so that these items can be followed through the city’s waste management system [...]"

(from Ateneo Naider)

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This is a great idea. I guess the manufacturers would print the tags somewhere on all items that are produced - like cigarette warning labels? Still, I imagine there would have to be many human hand sorters of the trash like shown in the video. San Francisco is working towards it's goal of 100% recycling of it's trash and I believe is currently about 85%. Smart dust tags potentially could immediately reduce the costs, time, and labor involved in recycling.