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So, how do we compare?

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More bikeshare system performance metrics: station availability for several systems in the US and Canada:

Having tracked Capital Bikeshare station availability for a while, it seemed an obvious next step to see how we are doing compared to other systems, at least those for which system status information is readily available. 

Bikeshare Station Availability by City
previous 7 days

  • Our availability, though showing room for improvement, compares favourably to the other systems. 
  • Of the five cities shown above, only ours operates year 'round.  The others are too far north to offer anything other than seasonal service. 
  • Toronto's system is relatively new, having launched a little over a month ago. 
  • Boston will be launching within the next few weeks; their data will be included as soon as it becomes available. 

A side effect of checking availability for these systems is that their respective details (current and previous day bike/dock depletion and station availability maps) are now also available. 

[Edit: added London and Melbourne]