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15_the_circle ([personal profile] 15_the_circle) wrote2011-01-14 08:05 pm

catching the light

[OT from cottage renovations]

At this time of year it's a rare treat to catch an early train and make it back to the Grove during daylight.  The trip back out from the city seems a bit odd; normally in winter one rides in darkness and by the time the days get longer and lighter the trackside view is normally obscured by vegetation so the passing scene had an unaccustomed level of detail. 

On getting home I managed to get back out into the light without undue delay, but prior forgetfulness on my part had meant that the camera battery hadn't been sitting in the charger and as a result the device was only operational for a short time though with sunlight running out it didn't make much of a diffrence. 

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Jackson Park

In the fading light with snow on the ground this dried hydrangea was set in an ambient light that was softer than I had expected.