15_the_circle: (azalea post facto)
15_the_circle ([personal profile] 15_the_circle) wrote2010-11-28 11:25 pm

In its own time

[OT from cottage renovations]

There's always somebody who doesn't get the memo, or perhaps this is just an example of rugged individualism.  Or of feline-grade stubbornness.  For whatever reason, out in the Circle this azalea has been blooming even as autumn winds down. 

Light frosts have not yet deterred these blossoms though a continued decline in overnight low temperatures can be expected.  It's not clear to me which pollinators it might be seeking to attract, but one presumes that the effort is expended for some purpose other than that of catching my eye as I wander past. 

(click through this thumbnail for higher resolution image)


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