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15_the_circle ([personal profile] 15_the_circle) wrote2010-10-16 11:21 am


[OT from cottage renovations]

Last weekend there was a wedding in the Grove - the ceremony was held at the Gazebo followed by a reception in McCathran Hall and a large tent set up in the Memorial Grove.  It was A Big Deal; caterers were busy for much of Saturday with the setup, part of which included decorating the tents with a number of lime green Chinese paper lanterns.  The festivities were held on Sunday and by Monday morning tents, tables, chairs and the rest had all been whisked away.  A few items had been left behind, including the lanterns which when I passed by were for the most part collected in a corner of the Memorial Grove though a few escapees were gently rolling around, helped in their travels by the slightest breath of a breeze.  Before leaving the area I gathered up the strays and returned them to the fold, though for how long would be anyone's guess. 

In shape and colour, if not size, they resembled green apples and the midmorning light coming through the paper looked, well, like this:

If pressed I would have to admit to having tampered slightly with this part of the arrangement as found: 

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