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November 20th, 2010

15_the_circle: (cottage sign)
Saturday, November 20th, 2010 10:53 am

[OT from cottage renovations]

The end of last weekend provided more opportunity for the taking of pictures than for their processing, so here's the rest of the batch.  For the most part our leaves were taken down by a couple of days worth of rain, trading more sky for a certain starkness of appearance, so it's good to look back those few days to see what had recently remained. 

(click through these thumbnails for higher resolution images)

These dogwood leaves out back were still hanging on, positively glowing as the morning light came streaming through. 

Cornus florida

While out on the circle these Japanese Maples were completely dazzling. 

Acer palmatum

... and down on Chestnut Road and Oak Street these leaves, among the kazillions to have fallen in the Grove, over the past few weeks, created a found composition that was appealing even in random collections and detached from their trees. 

Much of the Grove is dedicated as parkland, some instances of which are small and inobvious in that they have no marker and do not appear on published maps.  Knott Park is a good example, occupying the open area between Grove and First Avenues.  Its spring and summer dogwoods and hydrangeas give way in the fall to this leaf display -- followed in turn by an overwinter dormancy in which one remembers and anticipates the other seasons. 

15_the_circle: (GITS laughing man)
Saturday, November 20th, 2010 07:01 pm

[OT from cottage renovations]

Got a start on Thanksgiving preps today.  Checking with co-hosts it appears we will have 14→15 people, subject to a certain amount of last minute fluctuation.  The only known food allergy among those expected is one guest with an adverse reaction to mast crops.  This will not prevent the return of the traditional chestnut stuffing (for the simple reason that I'm incapable of not making it) but the situation has led to a wider consideration for that second stuffing.  Something more interesting than usual perhaps? 

Randomly asking folks (the next best thing to crowdsourcing) showed a mild preference for cornbread stuffing, at least as a base from which it could be taken in different directions.  That would be regionally appropriate but surely there would be any harm in looking a bit further: there are a lot of interesting recipes out there where Google can find them and my current thinking is more along the lines of some interesting ones that turned up, involving butternut squash and dried cranberries. 

But that wasn't all: there were a few whose base ingredient was:

10 White Castle sliders, hold the pickle

If you don't believe it, feel free to replicate the search
To some extent it makes at least a certain amount of sense: surely they would yield bread, meat of some description and at least trace element quantities of onion.  Intriguing though the notion might be, on the whole I rather think that: